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Modular construction, a more advanced level of prefabrication to access your dream home!


Up to 90% of the construction is carried out in our factory.

Did you know that with modular homes a large percentage of construction work is carried out in our factory - in a dry - sheltered - controlled - planned and ergonomic environment for our employees. Digitization & optimization of our planning, production & installation processes promotes construction efficiency, minimizes errors on site and provides significant productivity gains overall. Once the factory construction is completed, the house modules are then delivered to site, placed on foundation and then stacked in the case of a two-storey house. The house modules are then connected - zipped - together. And in one day, a house is born and ready-to-be-finished!

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Factory-advanced finishes before delivery to site.

Thanks to an advanced level of exterior and interior finishes carried out in the factory, before delivery to site, installation times are accelerated and costs of specialized labor are minimized. Enjoy a modern and improved construction process!

* Here is an indication of the construction components carried out in the factory. These tasks are for information only and may vary depending on the models, plans and specifications.

* Here is an indication of a modular home modules installation. This information may vary depending on models, plans and specifications.

Solutions to save even more

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Optimized home modules.
Ready-to-finish interior.

Plenty of savings possible
to minimize your acquisition cost

You're looking to save money in your home project? Not too keen in getting involved in structural work? This is all possible with prefab modular construction. We do the heavy construction for you and you do the planning & finishings works. Home modules are built ready-to-be-finished on site and to provide you with saving opportunities. By getting involved in prep & finishing tasks, you can avoid management & labor costs and put money in your pocket. By coordinating your project, you can make significant savings.

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Collaborate online with us & save valuable time !

Share and work with us with online tools to make the best of our collab during your project. Send us all the required documents online to speed up the production process and save a lot of time! Plan your project tasks and your project involvement and save money!

Participate in the finishing works & save thousands of dollars !

Get your hands dirty and/or shop your subcontractors for the foundation, drywalling, painting, flooring, ceramics and other interior finishes. All material and labor savings will go straight into your wallet!

Extend your living spaces & create a dream basement at your own pace!

Yes, at your own pace! You can finish your basement according to your needs and your budget. Add a laundry room, a bathroom, an additional bedroom or an office for teleworking! Shop, manage and/or do some of the works and save big!